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Company Profile


"Sustainability is an essential aspect for a more balanced distribution of prosperity and welfare as thereby social, economic and ecological aspects are considered appropriately and harmonized with each other."


The enterprise German ProfEC GmbH was established in May 2007 by Mr. Andreas Jansen, with the goal to offer result-oriented services within the field of sustainable power generation, energy efficiency and environmental protection. 


In focus ...

German ProfEC is specialized in international project consultation, planning and realization of renewable energy projects and sustainable development projects. Our core activities are
  • Consultation
  • Project analyses
  • Project assays
  • Project management
  • Project developmentand implementation
  • Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) consulting, emission trading and maximization of benefits
  • Interface functions
  • Prognoses
  • Studies
  • Education events
  • Financial agency, investor presentation production and introductions to investors
  • Financing concepts and financial model production
  • Company of the implementation until commissioning
  • Negotiation support and advice
  • Strategic business reviews
  • Business development services
  • Financial operation and
  • Technical operation

German ProfEC offers basic data, expertise and know-how for customers, who require an optimal assessment, in order to base on this their decision regarding investments and actions within the range of renewable energies, energy efficiency as well as sustainable development.


International Markets & Partners

The target markets are developing and threshold countries. Highest maxim is, apart from climatic and environmental protection, connecting economics, social interests and ecology, which manifests itself in the term of Sustainability.

The analysis procedures and methods follow newest international and national standards and know-how, in order to satisfy the high requirements of our customers from in the field of project development and planning, commercial operation, investment and financing, politics, industry and science.

With our international representations in Peru, Honduras, the Dominican Republic and the US, our strategic partners, as well as our widespread international competence and expert's network, German ProfEC pursues this requirement world-wide. 


International Cooperations and Representations
German ProfEC


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